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Dark web and crime focused Telegram channels

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Simple onboarding through which you can define the topics, narratives, events, and categories of interest

Intuitive data visualizations

See your data come to life with effective visual representations, whether on maps, charts, word clouds or category breakdowns

Executive summaries

Real-time executive summaries to help you keep your finger on the pulse

Chat with your news data

Ask free-form questions of the news to get customized answers

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Monitor and Research:

Start tracking and chatting with your data on the Overwatch platform.

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Learn how to grow your business with our expert advice.

Posted by Arjun BisenOctober 20, 2023- 2 min read

Introducing Real-Time Chat with Data: Stay Ahead of Breaking Events with Overwatch Data

Overwatch Data's new real-time chat feature lets professionals in fields like fraud protection, security, policy, and market intelligence, engage directly with breaking news, social media, and the dark web events for live updates and actionable insights. This innovation enables users to stay informed and respond quickly to developments relevant to their business.

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Posted by Arjun Bisen and Daniele EllingerOctober 16, 2023- 3 min read

Fraud Intelligence vs. Cyber Intelligence: The Essential Distinctions

Overwatch combines AI and human investigation to offer proactive fraud intelligence, helping companies precisely categorize and defend against evolving threats. This approach complements cyber intelligence, which is often reactive and focused on technical vulnerabilities.

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Posted by Arjun Bisen and Zara PerumalNovember 1, 2023- 2 min read

The Imperative of Explainable AI When Using AI For Important Decisions

In today's data-driven world, the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), market intelligence, and enterprise risk sectors has become indispensable. Yet, its real value lies not just in its capabilities but in our understanding of its decision-making processes.

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