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Supply Chain, Critical Events, and Global Intel

Our Global Watch platform offers a comprehensive view, allowing you to monitor and interpret the significance of worldwide events and narratives tailored to your security, intelligence, and supply chain risk teams.

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Our Global Watch product is a single operating picture for significant global events. We combine news and satellite feeds to detect disruptive global events, whether man-made or natural.

Our algorithms also draw connections between these significant events and supply chains, population centers, climate data, and commodity production to help you understand the 2nd order impacts of world events.

A global monitoring center in a box

Outline the locations that matter to you and we'll alert you to any risks that may affect them. This includes:

Violent Domestic Conflicts

Cross Border Conflicts

Ethnic Conflicts

Industry Ban and Sanctions

Major Floods

Terrorist Attacks

Protests and Labor Strikes

Mass Migrations

Political Assassinations

Regime Instability and Coups

Major Forest Fire and Wildfires

Major Explosions



Airport or Port Closures

Volcano Eruptions

Hurricane or Storms

Major Earthquakes

Infrastructure Issues

Major Landslides or Sinkholes

Man Made Disasters (train crash, bridge collapse, plane crash)

Lockdowns, State of Emergencies, and Curfews

Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

Key Features

Understand events and narratives that matter to you

Dive into pivotal events, from macro trends to granular details. Harness our pre-defined event types or tailor categories to fit your needs. Enjoy concise summaries, dynamic knowledge graphs, and precise location and entity extraction for deeper insights.

Track narratives across media types

Monitor evolving narratives across all media platforms - be it open-sourced, social, or the deep web. Whether focusing on a specific entity or a broader topic, our system has you covered.

Visualize data in useful ways

See your data come to life with effective visual representations and receive daily insights to keep you updated.

Chat and daily summaries

Engage in intuitive conversations with your data. Pose free-form questions like, "What recent energy strategies has Exxon unveiled?" or "What's the upcoming milestone in US-Korea relations?" and receive timely answers.

Cluster and collate

Bring together all relevant reports about the same incident in order to understand the overarching event.

Connect Events to Supply Chains and Interests

Our AI systems help make connections between events and your geographic interests in that region, whether specific commodities, populations, supply chains, or assets.

Additional Features

Get the context you need to make decisions

Empower decision-making with rich context. Whether you're seeking an event's historical backdrop, insights on nearby populations, asset proximities, impacts on global trade and commodities, or other relevant data, we deliver the depth you need.

Build collections of sources

Curate a collection of sources to discern narrative origins, whether they're state-backed media, independent platforms, or political entities. Understand the voice behind the news.

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