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Cyber Crime and Fraud Intelligence

We use cutting-edge AI to comb through the vast ocean of real-time OSINT data (open, social, deep and dark web) to identify and categorize emerging threats. We pair these insights with our in-house human investigators to give you an end-to-end threat and fraud intel solution.

Key Features

Filter by key categories

Filter by key categories to help organize posts from across the open, social, and deep web.

In-depth Methodology Analysis

Dive into detailed examinations of emerging cyber and fraudulent techniques, staying ahead of malevolent trends.

Detect spikes in threats

Stay alert with real-time detection of sudden threat surges, ensuring you're always one step ahead.

Proactive Credential Security

Spot account dumps and leaked credentials, enabling preemptive action against potential fraud and criminal activities.

Benchmark your level of exposure

Gauge your vulnerability by contrasting your deep and dark web exposure to peers, analyzing the volume of accounts up for sale in online marketplaces.

Monitor the waterfront

Detect cyber and fraud intel from across the surface, social, deep, and dark web affecting you and your sector.

Additional Features

Chat with your data + search our databases with keywords

Use our in-house investigative team for more detailed deep dives and alerting you to emerging threats

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