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What we do:
Our AI solution understands your company's interests and concerns, and helps your risk and market intelligence teams monitor real-time data for events or narratives that might impact your organization. We then help contextualize those events and narratives so you can quickly understand why they might affect your organizations and how you could respond. We cover news in over 100 languages, over 10 social media platforms (including all major platforms, fringe social media platforms, and Russian language platforms), as well as deep and dark web marketplaces and forums.
The Challenge:
The initial wave of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tools leaned heavily towards mere detection of events and narratives. This left organizations grappling with raw data, needing to decipher its actual implications for their operations. Today's need isn't just about detection but interpretation: what do these events or narratives mean specifically for YOU and how should you respond?

Key Features

Comprehensive coverage of the external environment, including:

News across languages


Telegram (open and closed groups)








Russian Social Media (VK, OK, Rutube)


Dark Web Marketplaces

Federal court database

Comprehensive coverage of the external environment

A global monitoring center in a box

Our Global Watch product is a single operating picture for significant global events. We combine news and satellite feeds to detect disruptive global events, whether man-made or natural.

Our algorithms also draw connections between these significant events and supply chains, population centers, climate data, and commodity production to help you understand the 2nd order impacts of world events.

A global monitoring center in a box

Outline the locations that matter to you and we'll alert you to any risks that may affect them. This includes:

Violent Domestic Conflicts

Cross Border Conflicts

Ethnic Conflicts

Industry Ban and Sanctions

Major Floods

Terrorist Attacks

Protests and Labor Strikes

Mass Migrations

Political Assassinations

Regime Instability and Coups

Major Forest Fire and Wildfires

Major Explosions



Airport or Port Closures

Volcano Eruptions

Hurricane or Storms

Major Earthquakes

Infrastructure Issues

Major Landslides or Sinkholes

Man Made Disasters (train crash, bridge collapse, plane crash)

Lockdowns, State of Emergencies, and Curfews

Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

Intelligently monitor live data
Overwatch helps businesses get ahead of risks and opportunities by helping you monitor and analyze live feeds, including the open web, deep web, social media, and commercial data sources.
Keep your finger on the pulse
Overwatch helps you to monitor and analyze live feeds, including the open web, deep web, social media, and commercial data sources, with precision and sophistication.
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