Precise detection, contextualized insights

OVERWATCH helps you monitor a range of open-source or commercial data sources for events and narratives with precision, and contextualizes them so you can take immediate action. 

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Detect and Analyze the Narratives and Events that Matter to You

Built by ex-Google engineers, our algorithms help you identify the stories and events that actually matter to your business with precision. After we algorithmically detect relevant information, we contextualize that information by summarizing it, extracting key entities, building a knowledge graph, and layering additional geospatial and risk datasets. 

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E.g. Fighting Financial Crime and Fraud

Deep Web

We help financial services companies detect fraud and financial crime on the dark web and social media (e.g. telegram and discord).

Court Documents

We help companies detect when their users are accused or charged of financial crimes in federal court.

News Tracking

We surface individuals or companies publicly accused or charged with financial crimes, trafficking, and other crimes. We also highlight changes in the regulatory environment

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OVERWATCH is single operating window when it comes to the issues you want to track. Our algorithms also draw connections between significant events, supply chains, population centers, and commodity production to help you understand the 2nd order impacts of world events.

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360° Due Diligence On Locations and Entities

Conduct due diligence on locations and companies to determine the associated reputational, political, climate, disaster, and supply chain risks. 

Reputational Risk

Screen for negative stories, litigation, regulatory investigations, sanctions risk, or political exposed individuals related to a company.

Political and Social Risk

Understand the most significant political events across a time period, paired with political, demographic, and social indicators.

Climate and Catastrophe Risk

A summary of historical climate events and trends paired with climate maps and indicators.

Trade and Supply Chain

Understand the economic activity, trade statistics, ease of doing business, and supply chains associated with a location.

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About Us

The Team

Our team combines decades of global risk experience across government and tech. We are co-founded by Arjun (Harvard & Fulbright grad, former diplomat, Googler, and Stripe), Tad (former DoD, and Egnyte), and Zara (Machine Learning and Cybersecurity at MIT and Google), and backed by Y Combinator.

Contemporary event detection tools are noisy and do not provide contextual or historical analysis. We built Overwatch to address this analytic gap between tech, risk, and global events.

The Name

'Overwatch' represents the use of our tools to observe and protect your organization's global interests. In the military risk lexicon, it also symbolizes giving teams additional 'cover' in uncertain environments.